Who are we ?

The Lausanne Racing Team is EPFL’s (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) electric Formula Student team founded by students in autumn 2017.

For the First time, EPFL will be represented in this international engineering competition.

What is Formula Student ?

Formula student is the biggest student motorsport competition where teams of future engineers from all around the world face each other. The goal is to build an electric race car from scratch according to the competition’s regulations. The teams then compete in a variety of events.

Our team

Our team is organized according to a precise system. It is divided into two part, the engineering department and the Administrative department. Each department is subdivided as follow :






The Chassis division is made up of students in mechanical engineering and materials science. Its goal is to design the lightest and most efficient chassis possible while ensuring the best possible ergonomics.


The Powertrain division aims at monitoring energy flows and storage. It is the division which operates the engines, builds the transmission and also  designs the batteries.

Vehicle dynamics

The Vehicle Dynamics division is mainly comprised of mechanical engineering students. Their role includes setting up steering, suspension and braking systems.


The Aerodynamics division is largely made up of mechanical engineering students. It is in charge of designing an aero kit to improve the performance of our car,  by reducing drag and increasing downforce.


The Electronics division is made up of  electrical engineering and microengineering students. Its purpose is to implement all of the electronic circuits of our system and to ensure the smooth operation of our multiple sensors.



The Sponsoring division is looking for funds to make our project a reality. Additionally, its role is to find new partners who can provide us with essential technical support to help the engineering divisions push their innovation to the edge. Finally, the Sponsoring division deals with the organization of events with our partners.


The Communication division, as the name implies, takes care of our image and informs public and sponsors about the progress of our project. Its function is to feed the social networks of the LRT and to promote our image inside and outside the campus.


The Logistics team has got two well-defined roles. The first one is the maintenance of all of the equipment of the team. The second is to organize off-campus events such as tests, competitions, etc…

How can you help us ?

In order to reach our goals, we need some investors. If you are interested by our project and you want to help us, two alternatives are possible :

The Friends of LRT

In order to let anyone help us in this project, we created the “Friends of LRT” program. This crowdfunding will allow us to pay for details that cannot be part of a sponsoring partnership. Become today a Friend of LRT and join us in this great adventure !


The formula student is an ideal technologic showcase. Becoming a partner of the LRT will garantee you visibility in one of the leading international design competition as well as in one of the highest ranked university. Join now our partners and support this wide project !